Rockshox 30 Silver TK Fork – Is It Worth Your Money?

Product: Rockshox 30 Silver TK Suspension Fork
Price: $170
Available at: Amazon.com
Sizes: 26″, 27.5″, 29″
Specifications: 100mm travel, 1 1/8″
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If you are new to mountain biking, and want to upgrade your mountain bike, one of the things you can upgrade that will significantly improve the performance of your bike is your fork.  While some forks only cost about $100 or so to upgrade, what you may notice is that the upgrade isn’t that much different than the fork you replaced it with. So, you might not get a whole lot for your investment.

This is where the Rockshox 30 Silver TK Fork comes in.  While it does cost a little more than $100, it is a very good fork, and remember, you get what you pay for.  Sure, its a coil fork and not an air fork, but its a very good coil fork that gets a lot of very positive reviews online.  Now, you don’t want to get this fork and jump off 10 foot high walls.  BAD IDEA, as it is not built for that kind of riding, but, if you want a smoother ride on the trails, this fork can make a noticeable difference in your ride.


Before you order, make sure that the fork is the right size, and by that not only do I mean bike tire size, but steerer tube diameter.  Chances are pretty good that your bike has a standard 1 1/8″ steerer tube, but some bikes come with a tapered steerer tube.  Amazon has all sizes available (26″, 27.5″, and 29″) in a non-tapered steerer tube in the 1 1/8″ size.  Throughout this article, I’ve linked to the 29er version of the Rockshox 30 Silver TK Fork,  so make sure to select a different size if you need to when you get to Amazon.  Scroll down to the very bottom of this article for the 27.5″ version of this fork.  The 26er version can be found here.

About Installation

Make sure to get a star nut, as your old one can’t be swapped out to the new fork, as this could possibly result in a  catastrophic steering failure, leading to serious injury or death!  For installation of the star nut and crown race, I would recommend going to your local bike store as you need specialized tools.

Its easiest if you just bring in your old fork with your new fork so that the bike store can swap the crown race for you.  There are specialized bike tools that you can purchase to do all of this yourself, which can be a bit costly, so I would not bother doing this unless you plan on swapping out lots of forks! Also, it is recommended that you have your bike store check over your bike after you have the new fork on and installed, as its easy to not install the headset correctly, which a bike store can easily fix with the turn of a few bolts.

Please note: If you ride a 27.5″ bike, there are two different forks for this model listed on Amazon.  There is both an “A4” model, and a standard model, the latter of which cost $81 more at $250.  If you are going to spend $250 on a fork, you might as well invest in an something like the Rockshox, RECON RL A2 Solo Air Suspension Fork.  Here is a link to the standard model in a 27.5″ size: RockShox 30 Silver TK A4 Fork with the $170 price tag.


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